Monday, March 9, 2009


Yes, I know, as I said before, they are not OUR...but everybody's eagles. But since I' ve seen this one rebuilding its you will understand I feel "close" to them. They are building their nests and I may see an immature flying with its parents as I did over the Hudson last Fall, an awesome sight indeed! That is him "or her"...flying. (If I had Debra or Lloyd's or any of those Central Park birders' cameras, the shot would be much more impressive!) I took these last week..

One of my favorite sites (I have a link to it) is the Mohonk Nature Preserve founded by the Quaker Smiley Brothers the in the 19th century (about 1864). Yesterday, since I am a member, I was walking the Undercliff Carriage Trail on the West Trapps Trail of the Preserve. It includes the Shawangums Mountains just west of New Paltz, NY which are one of the best Rock Climbing sites in New York and maybe in the USA. The grey white quartizite conglomerate is extremely hard, about 99% pure quartz. There are many approved routes up the cliffs. Yesterday there were about 15 climbers that I could count. The last one I met was quite interesting. There she was, a young mom about 70 feet up the cliff while her young husband had the support rope in one hand and their 7 or 8 month baby in the other hand. I greeted the man, looked at the baby and said, And do you want to climb when your grow up too just like mommie? The little boy smiled which I intrepreted as a "Yes!"

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