Monday, December 28, 2009


The other day when NYC and most especially Suffolk County received so much snowfall I was a bit "jealous". We got no snowfall up here in Ulster County. I was sort of "hoping" that we would get at least 6 inches so that I'd have some surface upon which to...snowshoe. Considering the inconvenience that snowfall presents for traffic, local snow removal maintenance and expenditures...especially during this financial crisis, I guess my desire was somewhat "selfish". In the "old days" when people were used to living more "in harmony with the seasons and what they would bring" maybe my desire would have been more natural. One of the things that I most enjoy about Esopus and The Mount where I live is its closeness to the Hudson River (whose "Birder" I am!!) and this wonderful 400 acre piece of Esopus land that we bought from Robert Livingston Pell in about 1905. Our black Labrador, "Alphie" certainly enjoys living in harmony with nature. She explores our property constantly and is always chasing and "just about catching" squirrels, chasing deer and Canada Geese, learning what skunks "can do", barking back when she hears the distant coyotes yelping, You stay off my turf, she barks back.

Today we Roman Catholics celebrate the feast of the Holy Innocents which commemorates Herod's cruel efforts to rid the world of a king he did not understand or want. Today the battle for Health Care and most especially affordable healthcare for low income children and their families. I am beginning to think about not just talking about wildlife, animals, birds and trees on this blog. Or rather I see the need to relating the HUMAN TO THE LIVING NON HUMAN. My workshop, LOVING AND PROTECTING CREATION does not have a purely romantic purpose. We love and protect children, women, the poor...AND our environment for the benefit of all. I am sure our Black Lab Alphie would agree with this!!