Sunday, May 30, 2010



Last week my friend Fr.Kevin Murray was here.  Kevin works in Sarnelli House in Philadelphia which is a community of youth volunteers that live in community our Redemptorist life and go out to know, love, learn from and to serve the poor and needy in the Kensington section of Philadelphia near our Parish of the Visitation.  I took advantage of Kevin's presence here to put many marigold in my organic garden.  (We spent a good evening planting them.)  Marigold help keep away insects from the vegetable plants "without" the need for dangerous pesticides and herbicides. Thanks to Kevin I now have two rows of Leaf Lettuce, two of Redina "Red" leaf lettuce, two rows of carrots, two rows of broccolli, 16 nice Tomatoes plants which are a gift of the local Bruderhof community here in Ulster Park at "Maple Ridge".  Also my buddy John Affronti and Marty Roberge are seasoned garderners that have helped me a lot.  Marty suggested this nice sunny spot.  John spent a night helping me put in the fence and posts.  Yesterday John helped me adjust my two sprinklers so that they will cover the 30'  by  20' area that is the "Sylvester Feeley Abundant Life Garden"