Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MY FATHER'S GARDEN-a film by Mirko Faienza of Italy

As the Hudson River Birder my "original" plan had been to place on my blog both images and comments on the land, the flora and fauna (mostly "birds") that exist both on the property of "The Mount" and in nearby places here in Ulster County.  The truth has been that I am really not anything like a pro photo or videographer.  So......I have been embedding some of the best nature and scenic videos that I find on the web.  (On one occasion I received a "reprimand" for not getting permission to embed something.  So now, before I embed something I write the videographer as I did to Jozef Weigert in Hungary and just recently to Mirko Faienza, a professional videographer in Bologna. ITALY.  Mirko sent me a most gracious letter saying that he was delighted that I might embed his wonderful film on nature called....MY FATHER'S GARDEN.  It is truly marvelous, including the music that Mirko uses, synchronizing the insects' and flowers' movements most excellently with the music.  THANK YOU, MIRKO.  Enjoy everyone!

My Father's Garden from Mirko Faienza on Vimeo.