Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gullian Rug Repair/ Cleaning House-Popletown Road-Esopus, NY

The Sheep of Popletown Road-Esopus-NY

Any of my Redemptorist friends that are, sorry to admit this, 60 years or older will remember the old Gullian homestead at the top of Popletown Road coming up from Union Center and Hardenberg Roads. In those days "Mom" (as we used to call her) Gullian, had this very lovely homestead with a commanding view of the town and riverfront of the Hudson in Esopus. And there were sheep there because the Gullians had come here from Armenia, I believe in the 19th century and sheep, I imagine, reminded them of their native home. The family, among other things cleaned and I think "repaired" rugs for people in the community. The lovely little stone house where this was done stands alone and beautiful just below Shaupeneak Ridge. I have a photo here of that stone house. Bea Moore, the daughter of Mom, still lives in a house adjacent to their old homestead. Bea is a dear old friend of us Redemptorists at the Mount and witnessed many of us visit and eat great Armenian food at her mother's home so, so many years ago.

Mom Gullian's Old Homestead

Mt. St. Alphonsus and Hudson River from Shaupeneak Ridge

Another Trek to Shaupeneak Ridge/ Lake Louise

Around Dec 26th it was already pretty cold when my brother Dan and I hiked from the Esopus Firehouse up the "White Trail" to Shaupeneak Ridge and Lake Louise. It was "really" cold. There was one man out on the ice apparently fishing though a hole. We two, however, did not venture on the ice, but walked around the lake... Well, today, Jan 31st there were about 15 men on the lake, all ice fishing and some of them from New Paltz had this orange tent up. It was "only" about 20 degrees F. (Last night, Jan 30th it had dipped to 2 F, but my Weather Station only registered a low of 7 degrees F) So today, knowing that, should I go through the ice there was not just "one man" but another 15 hopefully ready to drag me out, I did venture out and spoke to them. They had some pretty good (about 9" perch) and I think some pickerel. It was a great hike. I also have some shots today of the old Gullian homestead at the top of Popletown Road, just below where the Shaupeneak Ridge area administered by Scenic Hudson begins.

Flaging for Ice-Fishing at Lake Louise-Esopus

Ice Lake-Fishing at Lake Louise-Esopus