Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today I was going through my personal diaries which I began in 2007.  I found a phrase, I loved that song, IT'S NOT ON THE TEST by Tom Chapin.  I had no recollection of the song.  So I found it on YOUTUBE and share it with you.  Not to ruin the song for you, just let me say that the song is about all the so called "unimportant items" that back in 2007 were being taken out of school teaching, things like music, drama and, as the song says so powerfully.....rational discourseg.  With the great failure of diplomacy today, wars in Afhanistan, Iraq, and now Syria as well as the growing threat of a confrontation between Israel, Iran and the United States it is so very clear that songster Chapin certainly "knew what he was singing about". The video for the song, "Not on the Test," that Tom Chapin wrote with John Forster expresses their disappointment in the lack of arts education in public schools. SO LISTEN, ENJOY, UNDERSTAND....AND PRAY FOR THE RETURN OF RATIONAL THINKING TO THE WORLD...( honest now!!!! if necessary...TO YOURSELF.