Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awaiting Winter Benches at Shaupeneak Ridge

These two benches await YOU. Come and enjoy the peaceful Lake Louise on Shaupeneak Ridge in Esopus, NY. It is a great piece of God's handiwork here in Ulster County. Take the White Trail which begins across the railroad tracks from the Esopus Town Hall and Fire House.

Esopus Christmas House

This "Birder" at Shaupeneak Ridge-Esopus

Monday, December 7, 2009

Don Kennedy on Climate Change

As I prepare for the 2nd workshop of mine, LOVING AND PROTECTING CREATION, I share this interesting interview with Don Kennedy who is on the Sierra Club Climate Recovery Project. Sierra Club Radio host Orli Cotel talks to Stanford President Emeritus Don Kennedy about climate change and his role as the campaign chair for the Sierra Club Climate Recovery Project. The program is 25 mins. (You can "skip ahead" if you like to other items as Sierra Magazine Advice columnist Mr. Green reads your laundry list of questions about green cleaning your clothes. Greens Restaurant Chef Annie Somerville is absolutely wild about mushrooms, and after these recipes so will you! Owen Bailey raids the kitchen in search of energy gobbling appliances. And Sierra Club Executive Director Bruce Hamilton talks public policy for an environmentally prudent public.

Don Kennedy on Climate Change & Sierra Club Green Tips cleanskies.com

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

ROAR (Religios On and Around the River (Hudson)--Part Three

ROAR Statement of Commitment

Recognizing the importance of having both a local and global awareness of issues, and in the context of its mission statement, ROAR is committed to:
• Living out its mission statement, especially in our relationship with the land that we “own” where land seen as subject, not object, fosters decisions based on respect and rights of all, including non-human communities of life
• Networking and partnering with environmental groups and people of faith around key Hudson River Bioregion issues
• Sustainability, especially around Earth’s natural resources, such as water, air, land, and, in particular, with properties “owned” / or used by our Congregations
• Focusing on the following three areas (to be evaluated periodically)
1. River issues, including pharmaceutical concerns
2. Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
3. Land Use issues

Target Population:
• Leadership of Member Congregations, and through them,
• Member congregations of ROAR who then disseminate information and educate their membership. Membership is requested to advocate and address issues.
• Interested people of faith, places of worship, and environmentalists.

Partners who have philosophy and goals similar to ROAR (partial list)
• Hudson Riverkeeper
• Sierra Club Lower Hudson Chapter
• New York State Interfaith Power and Light
• Sustainable Hudson Valley
• Scenic Hudson
• ROW (Religious Organizations on Water)
• Clearwater
• Garrison Institute

General Statement
ROAR and its member congregations have been gifted to live along the majestic Hudson River and / or in the beautiful Hudson River bioregion rich in beauty, natural and spiritual resources. We strive to promote right relationships among all God’s Creation, especially in this area which we call home. The Hudson River calls us to respond to the pressing issues and needs that it and the communities of life, including the human, face and that must be addressed if we are to go into a future that is life giving for future generations. Specifically, we will:
1. Continue to work towards educating ROAR member congregations and their leadership on land use, conservation and easement rights with the goal of preserving land that is owned
2. Inform, educate and advocate for local issues that address: rights of land, water and air; water quality; safety of Indian Point Nuclear Plant; sustainable practices; use of land “owned” and / or used by ROAR member Congregations
3. Strengthen partnerships and collaborative efforts with appropriate national and local environmental groups and people of faith on above issues
4. Plan periodic educational and inspirational programs / workshops / retreats that bring together the membership of ROAR congregations, people of faith and environmentalists on above issues and in celebration of the Hudson River and its bioregion and the Great Work that is being done.

Methodologies that are / will be used:
• Rituals and Celebrations
• Assessment of issues and needs
• Networking
• Advocacy
• Education including experiential intuitive approach
• Ongoing development of and education on “Grounded in the Gift of Our Lands: A Resource Book for Land Use

Celebration of ROAR’s 7 Year Plan
ROAR will celebrate its work and commitment to its 7 Year Plan in a ritual celebratory ceremony during 2010.

Approved by ROAR committee at September 17, 2009 meeting

Religious Organizations in ROAR (Religious Organizations Along River)
Carmelite Sisters
Catholic Worker Farm – Marlboro
Dominican Sisters of Hope
Dominican Sisters of Sparkill
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
Maryknoll Sisters
Passionist Brothers and Fathers of Riverdale, NY
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Sisters of Charity of New York
Sisters of the Divine Compassion
Sisters of St. Dominic, Blauvelt, NY
Society of St. Ursula
Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union, Eastern Province of the US