Monday, December 7, 2009

Don Kennedy on Climate Change

As I prepare for the 2nd workshop of mine, LOVING AND PROTECTING CREATION, I share this interesting interview with Don Kennedy who is on the Sierra Club Climate Recovery Project. Sierra Club Radio host Orli Cotel talks to Stanford President Emeritus Don Kennedy about climate change and his role as the campaign chair for the Sierra Club Climate Recovery Project. The program is 25 mins. (You can "skip ahead" if you like to other items as Sierra Magazine Advice columnist Mr. Green reads your laundry list of questions about green cleaning your clothes. Greens Restaurant Chef Annie Somerville is absolutely wild about mushrooms, and after these recipes so will you! Owen Bailey raids the kitchen in search of energy gobbling appliances. And Sierra Club Executive Director Bruce Hamilton talks public policy for an environmentally prudent public.

Don Kennedy on Climate Change & Sierra Club Green Tips

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