Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here at The Mount I have grown in my love of what Thomas Berry and the astronomer, Brian Swimme call "The New Creation Story" On Saturday, Oct 24th from 10am till 4pm I will present what I have studied about the formation of the physical world, showing how truly gigantic and wondrous our universe truly is, and how dangerously fragile our planet earth has become. My workshop will show, as Fr. Berry, Brian Swimme and many others believe that we must do all we can, STOP doing what we should so that our relationship with our fellow human beings of all nations and our relationship with the biosystems that keep us alive....become "mutually enhancing". For me this phrase "mutually enhancing" means in plain English that, "Our wounded planet makes out and we who are here to care for it also make out".
Here below is a video clip that will give you an idea what my workshop is about. PLEASE CONSIDER COMING. The day includes a great lunch, coffee and cookies and is only $35.