Monday, February 4, 2013


I have a MAC now.  My main reason for getting one is to be able to "move up a step or two" in creating videos, especially about my work in Hispanic  Ministry.  I work in a ministry to Hispanic people here in Ulster County that my confrere, Fr. Tom, our Brazos Abiertos team and I have created.  The full name of our work which we do in a small building formerly used as part of Cabrini Home  in West Park , NYis called   BRAZOS ABIERTOS-FAMILIAS CAMINANDO CON CRISTO.  We have a double logo which I put here below.  The one on the left is, of course, Jesus with his arms in open welcome.  (This is how Jesus, the Church and anyone who "says" they follow Christ should be.  They should be, as is God with open arms to welcome, respect, aid, accompany others, most especially those who have NOT been respected, aided, welcomed by others.)  The other part of our logo is, of course that group of people, FAMILIES, walking with Christ..
Another thing I'd like to share with you is a video done when FINAL CUT PRO X was introduced last year.  I hope it is a joke.  Because Conan O'Brien said his video people "swore" by this new, controversial video editing program which I think is pretty neat.  They say that it is now, as they say, high end, but I will be satisfied if I can master it.  The videos that I do, for instance, with migrant peoples will not have to be like Steven Spielbert.  But I DO hope I'll be able to graduate from Pinnacle's Studio Ultimate 11 which I've used profitable for six years to FINAL CUT PRO X. So let's have a laugh...and hope the video is "pulling our leg" a bit.