Saturday, July 7, 2012


I really have not been too faithful to my blog. Well, the fact is that, even though I call myself THE HUDSON RIVER BIRDER, I have really not been spending too much time birding. Oh, I HEAR plenty of birds! But to tell you the truth, even though I HEARD and IDENTIFIED them, I could not SEE them. Well, part of the lesson here was...KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. I was looking up in the Douglas Firs which abound in this Gatehouse where I now live in Esopus, NY. But the Wrens were actually entering and leaving the little Birdhouse Fr. Tom, Gene and I placed in front of our six tomatoe plants. Then, all of a sudden, THERE THEY WERE, scooting in and out of that old worn birdhouse. (The birdhouse had been built by our former secretary, Theresa.} For years it was mainly a well used home for House Sparrows when it was near the flagpole next to what used to be Mt. St. Alphonsus. Now the House Wrens angrily force out any bold House Sparrow that tries to take over (as many have tried to!!). I set up my powerful scope on the porch of my house right on 9 W here in Esopus and watch pretty much what the above Wren does with his "Daily Song". Enjoy the wrens.