Thursday, January 6, 2011


A few years ago I was still in the South Bronx, in Immaculate Conception Parish.  Today and tomorrow the various Mexican communities cut what they call LA ROSCA.  The ROSCA is a very tasty, very delicious pastry.  Within it are hidden small, tiny white plastic images of the Baby Jesus.  If when you get your piece of the ROSCA there is one of those tiny white plastic Jesus's then for Feb 2nd, when the Catholic Church celebrates the PRESENTATION OF THE CHILD JESUS IN THE TEMPLE, there will be a very nice party and YOU will have to bring something.  It could simply be the plastic plates, knives or forks.  Or you could bring the meat, the tamales, beans, soda or something for the party.  During the party each person who has received a tiny white plastic Jesus has to make their own, creative image of the child Jesus in the Crib.  Then there is an award ceremony to see whose image is the most beautiful...
And so, a few years ago I filmed our Presentation party in Immaculate Conception Parish in the Bronx.  It was one of my better YouTubes, and still "moves me" when I see the joy, the fun, the food and all those people I have come to love so much...Enjoy!!