Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day at Shaupeneak Peak/ Lake Louise

I have been at Esopus over a year and never visited Shaupeneak Peak and Lake Louise which are just three miles from The Mount. There is a blue trail that goes around the lake, a Red Trail that goes to great views of the upper Catskills and looking due East over the Hudson. There are both black and red birch there. The land is owned by Scenic Hudson, but a West Esopus Trail group cares for the trails quite well. There are didactic plaques on the trails the help one realize how nature can be treated either with respect....or its opposite!.... For this "birder" well I need to kick myself. Because that's where the Worm Eating Warblers nest. There are Eastern Wood Pewees galore, Red Tailed Hawks, Red Eyed Vireos "invisible but vocal as always"....high in the tree tops. It is a wonderful little piece of God's own earth...and "ours too"...right under my nose. I met a very nice retired NYC Fire Captain with his two "well behaved" Irish Terriers: Molly and Kiera...

Shores of Lake Louise at Shaupeneak Peak

Maple at Shapeneak Peak-Ulster Park

Lake Louise