Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today I walked the perimiter of THE MOUNT which was my home for these last four years.  It will have been the home of our Redemptorist Semimary for 85 years and a Retreat Center for the last 25....On Feb 1st the Bruderhof Community (Christian Communities Inc.) will move here and create a Christian School...
I trust that they will love and care for these 413 acres as we Redemptorists have. ...Today, as I walked the perimeter scaring up the Black Ducks that winter along the streams, and snowshoeing out to my favorite Purple Beech and the Old Pell Silo, I prayed for this great piece of land to be loved, cherished and to continue teaching others to love God and one another.
....And speaking "loving one ano.ther" please enjoy this great video called..BEING HUMAN...... ..

Monday, January 16, 2012


I have not written anything for quite a long time.  Originally I created this blog to show the birds, trees, flowers, river scenes and many other beautiful and interesting historical and ecological elements that are found here in the Hudson in Esopus where I live.  I still live here in Esopus. I still am roaming the 413 or so acres of what has been called MT. ST. ALPHONSUS since 1907.  I still take the two hour hike up the White Trail from the Esopus Firehouse to Lake Louise on Shaupeneak Ridge. But, as the title says this Birder has been "pining" for a while.  The reason is that, at the end of this month I will no longer live at Mt. St. Alphonsus, although I will be "close by".  Our chapel (shown here) will be occupied by the Bruderhof Community who will run a Christian School for High School children.  (In the LEFT of the picture there is a CROSS of five salmon colored tiles. In 1965, when I was only 26 years ago I was ordained a Roman Catholic Redemptorist missionary priest as I knelt on that "Tile Cross".)
I love the Bruderhof Community and have many friends among them, most especially Brenda, Ben, Lisa, Ben Jr., Micah, Joel and Sammy.  I wish them all well.  At the same time I will continue to enjoy God's creation both on the property of what we called THE MOUNT as well as along the Hudson River, up in Mohonk and Minnewaska and so many other beautiful places here in the Hudson Valley