Friday, April 20, 2012


Today is my brother Dan's birthday. I sent him this beautiful nature video from VIMEO. So I hope you all enjoy it too.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


As the White Throated Sparrows come back North, (the "Canada, Canada" call was immistakeable this morning), as well as the Chipping Sparrows that just love every corner of what is now THE MOUNT COMMUNITY, I post this nice Country Western song, "On My Father's Side" that dramatizes the 12 year old Jesus on his first ("of many") family journies to the Temple in Jerusalem.  This morning, as we see Thomas "finally believing" that Jesus had truly risen I see that, not just Thomas but ALL of us have to not just ASK.  We need to "go right out there" and FIND the marks of the wounds of Christ which are many in our world.  Thomas would ask us to "put our own hands into the wounds of Christ", but believing that each and all of us in the BODY OF THE TRULY RISEN CHRIST have the love, compassion and very power of God to heal, to alleviate and to pour the oil of our love into the many wounds of Christ in today's world.  This week is dedicated to Migrant Peoples.  Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles said yesterday in an interview that the first immigrants in the history of the world were Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Paradise...but invited to "find their way back to paradise" through hard work, pain.  In other worlds ...through FAMILY LIFE.  Enjoy this video.