Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Kingfisher that I saw last Fall at Esopus Meadows (within the "Esopus Lighthous Park") has returned. Yesterday (March 11th) he (or she) was clicking over the water towards the point heading down towards Esopus Island. A lot of driftwood has come into the shore on the Read Path over there. You can see this HUDSON RIVER BIRDER showing the girth of a piece of one large tree. (I am not sure if it is an oak, but I suspect it is "or was").

I had an interesting exchange with a very nice and committed person in the NYSDEC, Mr. Peter Nye. He reminded me of something I really should have taken into consideration. This is the need to preserve in tranquillity the nesting sites of birds. This applies to ALL nest I believe, but most especially to those that are endangered. I was speaking to my younger brother and he told me something that is sadly true. He said, There are lots of hunters that are good people and responsable ones. But there are others who just like to kill things. He described to me a picture he had seen somewhere where some people had killed an eagle. Then they proudly (???) spread it over the hood of their car, took a picture and "showed it off" to their "friends" (???). When I was young I ran into kids who liked to torture and dismember animals. It gave me the chills then and still does to remember it. I really believe that all life is sacred. I am grateful to Mr. Nye for reminding me not to advertise the exact location of nesting sites if I so happen to discover them. We all, including our friends in the animal and tree world, as well as those of us who are supposed to be the "stewards and caretakers of nature" WE ALL DESERVE A PEACEFUL, UNDISTURBED PLACE TO LIVE, TO GROW AND TO BE AT PEACE.

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