Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This moring it is cold (34F) and damp. Down by our two "Entrance Lakes" I heard what seemed very much like this sound http://www.owlpages.com/owls.php?genus=Asio&species=otus which I think is the Long-Eared Owl. To hear them either the male or female go to where you have the sounds for either the male "Asio Otus" or female. (I compared them to the Saw Whet (to which it sounds nothing like) and the Short-Eared Owl which have a faster whoo and with the female which have a very different call). So please check it out. And feel very free to call and correct me. (That's what blogs are for...."two-way" communication). I am also "pretty" sure that I saw and heard a Pewee yesterday. It was not the Wood Pewee but the simply Eastern Pewee. I also got a comment from someone in the NYSDEC in Albany. I am pretty sure it is about the Eagle's Nest. Let me "guess" here a bit. I am figuring that they will want be to be very careful about not identifying the "exact" location of the nest and also about being most respectful about approaching it and allowing others to approach it. I fully understand these concerns. One of the problems about beautiful private property is that people naturally want to "see it and admire it". The other day I read something that defined environmentalists as persons who "see humans as a blight or at least a threat to the environment" and conservationists as simply "wanting to preserve a healthy and coexistence between the human, and non human parts of creation/environment"... I don't know if all people accept that definition of each group. But I personally believe in the need....for humans to coexist and respect ALL of the world, all of creation. BECAUSE IT IS, OF COURSE EVERYBODY'S HOME.

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