Thursday, March 5, 2009


About four years ago American Bald Eagles began to build their nest near where I now live. Idid not live here at the time. But those who did, mainly Father Gene got a call from someone who works for the Audubon Society . They could see the eagles building the nest. Since then Audubon has tagged the nest and some of the eaglets born there. (The year before the tagger just missed tagging one of the eaglets as they flew from the nest.) Unfortunately one of the things they did was to leave a chain up near the nest which would help the skilled Audubon expert get close enough to grab and band the eaglets. However last year it probably was that very metal chain that attracted the lighting bolt which destroyed the nest. But, thanks be to God American Eagles are very tenacious. And so they are in the process of rebuilding the nest, if they haven't done so yet. I said "OUR" eagles. Well, of course they are not "ours". They BELONG TO US ALL. I have seen at least one of them flying above our roof last week. Two men that had come to make a Matt Talbot spotted them as they were getting their luggage out of their trunk.

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