Monday, March 2, 2009


Even the jays are taking a rest today! And if there are saw whet owls, short eared or long eared ones one in our inviting connifers they are saving their diving and predating skills till the winds die down. (Is there someone "out there" who knows if an owls vision is impaired by swirling snow flakes??). If we get at least another foot of snow out will come my closeted snowshoes. Maybe those white-winged crossbills that have been seen in such abundance in Central Park will be back up here, if indeed they ever passed through Esopus. By the way if any of you know any birders in the Kingston, Esopus, West Park, Ulster Park, Highland or Pougkeepsie, Wappingers Falls area, let me know. Other than Rusty Johnson who is a licensed falconer, does eco tours in the Amazon and is the recognized "Hawk and Bird Man" here in Esopus . (His wife Jessica works with us at The Mount). I haven't connected with many of the local birders. Let me know if you know someone that would like to bird in this area with this HUDSON RIVER "LONE" BIRDER.

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