Friday, November 4, 2011


With all the rain from last spring onward, the chore of keeping my garden going, I did not get to do much birding.  "Soundwise"  I am always capable, even with my hearing deficiency, of identifying bird calls and songs, even though I don't "always" visually capture the bird.  Even this last September and October, the raptor (hawks, falcons) season, the weather was not always good.   Even though The Mount (Esopus and the Hudson River) are "pretty much" on the "Atlantic Flyway", I did not see too many migrating raptors. that Fall has pretty much morphed into winter I have the hope of both hearing and seeing owls.  Here is a good Eagle Owl sequence in slow motion that my friend and fellow Redemptorist Missionary, Kevin MacDonald sent me.  Thanks, Kevin.

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