Friday, October 28, 2011


It just so happened last summer that Stephen Colbert did a comedy sketch at one of the Corn Camps where I often visite to say Mass, prepare some of the Roman Catholic seasonal workers for their sacraments as are Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist and Marriage.  The program was funny.  But it also made some very important points in support of the reform of the USA's oftentime harsh and oppressive dealings with undocumented immigrants.  Stephen showed just how very hard and demanding agricultural day labor is.  He ended up by saying something to the extent of "You legislators really need to fix this Immigration Policy.  I certainly am not qualified or capable of doing that difficult work. But these people are.."  ENJOY STEPHEN'S HUMOROUS PRESENTATION TO CONGRESS.  (Some considered his presentation disrespectul and silly.  But one legislator I know said it was very good.  He thinks that legislators need to hear these kind of ideas).

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