Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yes, I mean that. I heard a Phoebe this morning down by our Acre Pond Stream who indeed had a hiccup. It sounded like, Phoebe-be-be, and not just the long drawn out Phoeeebee!!, Phoeebee!!. I will include a link here to an ordinary Phoebe call. You be the judges! tp:// The Hudson River is now ice-free, and there is only one slowly dissolving stack of dirty oldish snow over by the pine grove. Our resident red tail (I think an immature or nearly one year) was literally making, as is sung in "Oklahoma"...."lazy circles in the sky".... I followed it up and up till, without my binocs. it disappeared.. I send a link to an interesting article about a subject we birders would like to deny which is the decrease in the population of migrating birds.

I hope to have some new photos next week. Enjoy this new migration!

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