Saturday, February 21, 2009


Next to our nice old apple orchards (the few that survive the great Robert Livingston Pell era) ,stands this truly enormous oak. It has to be over a hundred years old, measuring some 23 feet around. It is one of the many wonderful symbols of strength , beauty and survival that surround us here at The Mount. However, sadly, not ALL survives !!!

You can see, even in the winter, the boards in the snow that are the last remains of what we used to call The Acre Shack when we played hockey, skated at night, traded gifts at Christmas and grew in affection for this wonderful Hudson River landscape..

Bro. Charlie's Wood Duck nest (an image of which is someplace on this blog) is right up to the right of where the Shack was standing. Charlie constructed the nest recent years long after the beavers, erosion and wind had flooded the Acre Shack which eventually fell.

The Acre Shack fell. But now we and our neighbors have a wonderful two lake wetland with plenty of ducks. (There are Black Ducks wintering on the stream that feeds the Acre Pond). It is so very apt the name of our great conservancy group in this area: Scenic Hudson. IT TRULY IS!!!

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