Thursday, February 19, 2009


I never fully appreciated the wildlife here at THE MOUNT when I spent six years here about....40 years ago. I still remember that my friend Felo nearly went into ecstasy when he saw an osprey down the river near the entrance to Black Creek. He was raised in South Florida where ospreys, great fishers just enjoy the inter coastal waterways with so much to eat. A few years ago we had Wood Ducks here. So Bro. Charlie (now in the great "Wildnerness Beyond") designed a Wood Duck house which Fr. Tom later assembled and placed just away from our "Acre Pond" Well, that's what WE used to call it. Well, now that I live here I have met Skip Doyle who was born and raised right near here in Port Ewen. He has helped me learn to love and appreciate the beauty of my new Hudson River home. Now the beavers (protected as they are) have had their way and damned it up uniting it to what was the next lake along our 9 W property here in Esopus. They tell us that Arthur Pell the former owner of this and much more Esopus land had many artificial lakes on this property. There remain. let me think... about about 5 today. That was before 1908.

I don't have any pictures yet. But please be patient. There is still snow on the ground. But I will be walking and snapping photos so you can see what a great piece of God's creation THE MOUNT is. We used to help with the little Black Angus cows. Fr. Charlie who lives here now was one of the "seminarian farmers" in those days.

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