Monday, December 23, 2013


This is a beatiful French folk song about the process of making wool, and in this case, beautiful colorful socks for a young boy.  He grandmother does the work…It goes, The Wool from the sheep..we
shear it, card it, weave it wear it..
I am not at all sure of all the French words and the story.  But it "seems" that when the boy's grandmother is "gone".  Maybe she has died, the boy goes back over the whole process in which the
Wool from the sheep, with his grandmother's skill and work…became a most loved and prized possession…

Speaking of prized possessions I have not very much "prized" this blog. It was supposed to be about birds and birding.  And yes I do some birding.  I enjoy the many Juncos, Nuthatches, Song Sparrows, White Throated sparrows as well as the ever present winter Downy and Red Bellied Woodpeckers that are always here.
At any rate take this nice video and song as THE HUDSON RIVER BIRDER'S

La Laine Des Moutons (2012) from Kapie Eipak on Vimeo.

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