Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As I have said before, I have become, not so much a blogger as i have become an...Embedder!!  When I began this blog I wanted to present lots of "my own pictures and videos" of the flora and fauna, of the beauties of nature as well as the particular interesting history of the Esopus area of the Hudson Valley.  But my work, my talents...I have learned, do not allow me to always do this.  For this reason I have turned to places like VIMEO and, in today's case, to Richard Attenborough, to show some of the truly WONDERFUL nature videos.  In this one Mr. Attenborough recites the lines of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD as we see some our world's truly wonderful signs ofGod's presence in our very own wonderful world.  ENJOY!!  (Many of my friends send me these videos.  In this case I thank my dear brother Daniel, for sending this to me)

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