Monday, February 13, 2012


Here in Candler, NC which is North Carolina mountain I took a walk along Asbury Road, then up to Holecomb Road to Mountainside Trail which is a steep road that goes up about five hundred feet with properties up and off each side.  There are beautiful Hereford cattle, black sheep as well as white ones and one or so horses.  It was a cold afternoon after celebrating Mass in English (Fr. Alex) and Spanish (myself, this "Birder").  Our soup and roll supper and social and preaching and night adoration and Rosary did not begin until 6 pm. So I had a nice two hours to discover the bright blue and sunny winter terrain of this northwest North Carolina town of Ashville/Candler. Here are some of the sights I captured.

.....And then some fine people from St. Joan of Arc Parish were with us as we preached the Word of God..My emphasis was "LENT...A TIME FOR PEOPLE TO ENTER, RETURN TO..AND BECOME STRONG IN THE BODY OF CHRUST.

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