Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday was the first time when the temperature here in Esopus (The Mount) hit 50F.  I had not been able to turn over my compost pile since January since everything had "iced over".  But yesterday there were many signs that spring is "on the way".  I had put about 1000 fallen apples in my compost pile besides the peels and coffee grinds etc from The Mount's kitchen last summer.  The "slimmy friends" have been creating great topsoil for what may be my "final planting" here in my "Sylvester Feeley Abundant Life Garden".  However, depending on whomever may lease The Mount as of next January-2012, and if I am chosen to stay and work pastorally in this Ulster County area, I might just be able to "make a deal" with the leasees to continue working this garden.  I hope so.

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