Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting for Spring...with an Unrelenting Winter

Someone said to me once, It is not the cold in winter that gets you sick. It's having your resistance run down.  I sort of thing these two factors.."work together".  The pictures below were taken "before" ice became king in the Hudson Valley.  All snow shoers and cross country skiers know that when the ice takes over you will either actually break your ankle or just get frustrated trying to snowshoe or ski on an "unstable mix of ice and snow"... With that and battling multiple colds and sniffles I think I am anxiously awaiting the Red Winged Blackbirds to make their early appearance in the fields and forests, mostly the brushes which they just love.  The Red Winged Blackbirds are the true harbingers of a spring that, at least, is "on its way".  I think I have seen some of the world's largest ice cicles on the eaves of our chapel as well as on old country homes up off Union Center Road heading towards Eddyville and Rosendale.

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