Monday, February 28, 2011


I have not been able to do much photography on Esopus and our Hudson Valley this winter.  Colds and bronquitis have "something" to do with it.  Another "factor" is the painful reality that, even though I may remain here  in the Hudson Valley as a Roman Catholic missionary Redemptorist who loves God and loves the "reflections of God" that is nature with its trees, birds, sunrises, sunsets, insects etc, I will not be living at Mt. St. Alphonsus after January 2012.  Our 103 year old "The Mount" will cease its retreat operations on that date and possibly be leased to someone who will hopefully love it, cherish it and respect its deeply spiritual aura...So, yes, there is a bit of melancholy...and not just coughs and aches that have inhibited my photo essays.  So today I just "surfed the web" with the words "waiting for spring" and the embedded short video below is what I found.  It reflects my mood.  Yesterday, down by the stream that runs from North to South through "The Mount" I could hear but not see the Red Winged BlackBirds.  I looked with my 50 power binoculars and 50 power scope.  But whatever they were doing I could not see even one of them moving.. So I, with many of you...AWAIT SPRING.  Enjoy this short video by Michael Minneboo.

Daily Webhead: Waiting for spring from Michael Minneboo on Vimeo.

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