Monday, January 31, 2011


As the snow continues to fall here in the North East maybe even the Red Winged Black Birds might not make it back by the end of February...which they "usually" do..Anyway, I have some very beautiful wintry scenes from in and around Mt. St. Alphonsus.  But "something or someone" got me looking for a nice video on PEACE.  Did I ever find one.  "Peace on Earth" made the year I (yes!!!) was born, 1939 was actually the first and only cartoon nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.  Needless to say it "didn't" win then.  Now, well who knows.  Here it is. (If you'r in a's 8 minutes!!)

MGM Cartoon 1939 Peace On Earth
Uploaded by shawshawshaw. - See more comedy videos.

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