Thursday, December 23, 2010


These are my own translation of the "dialogue" that happens between Mary, Joseph and those of whom they ask for POSADA, that is SHELTER on their journey from Nazaret to Bethlehem.

The Posada Song
(Mary and Joseph seeking  Posada= shelter)

Mary & Joseph :In the name of heaven we ask shelter of you,
because my beloved wife can hardly walk.


This is no hotel. Keep moving. I can’t let you have shelter here.
You just might be robbers..


Please don’t be inhuman. Have mercy on us.
It is the very God in heaven that you will reward you.


You can both go now and not bother us,
because if I get mad I’m capable of clubbing you both.


Mi wife is Mary. She is Queen of Heaven.
She is going to be Mother of the Divine Word.

Are you Joseph? Is your wife Mary?
Oh, please enter, travelers. I did not recognize you.

Then All Enter the House Singing:

Come in pilgrims, holy pilgrims, holy pilgrims,
In this nook take your part; Not alone
of my poor dwelling, my poor dwelling,
But take also of my heart.Scatter the candies,
scatter the sweets now, For all the children
are longing to eat now. Candied pineapple!
Chestnuts well roasted! Hit with a stick
all those at the door posted! Come on then,
Lola! Hurry, we ask it! Bring us the peanuts
you have in the basket!Here from this dwelling
we'll go of sadly;They've giv'n us nothing
and treated us badly!

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