Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My missionary group, the Redemptorists, have a very wonderful Retreat House off Highway 10 on the way from Tucson to Phoenix.  It is called Picture Rocks Retreat House.  Part of the complex, which is right in the Sajuaro National Preserve, is called Desert House of Prayer.  Since 1980 when I spent nearly three months there after my first 8 years in the Dominican Republic I have returned twice:  once in 2002 when I spent two months and last week.  I truly love the dry hot high desert air.  My "friends": the Cactus Wrens, Gambol Quail, Curved Billed Thrashers, Pyrolloxia (which are similar to Northern Cardinals) make it truly a birding paradise.  There are many interesting warblers, finches and sparrows that inhabit the "Washes".  I saw a Gray Warbler that I "think" is called "Gray Cheeked".  And I have still to identify various other birds. Below are some of my shots of the area around Ina Road which forks off  Interstate 10 about 20 miles from downtown Tucson.

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