Saturday, June 19, 2010


Joe, Pat and Sheila joined me, P. Tom Martín Deely, The Hudson River Birder, to spend the day walking much of our 412 acre Hudson River, Mt. St. Alphonsus Spiritual Center.  We used the blue truck to get to some places, walked to others, like the Acre Pond where, reflecting upon what Jesus said and his way of relating to nature, animals and the natural world, we saw and "heard" Kingfishers, Red Winged Blackbirds, saw Great Blue Herons "sailing in" for a soft landing on the pond, saw a harried Red Tailed Hawk spiralling as she (or "he) was attacked by pesky little sparrows.  It was a great day, and we went long beyond 3 pm where we "usually" end our Saturday day programs. Below are some of the ideas and Bible quotes that I shared with Pat, Sheila and Joe.  (Joe is from Mineola LI and has participated in my "Christ and Spring Migration Nature Day".   We even saw nesting eagles which, of course, we are forbidden by the NYS Wildlife Management from telling you where.  The truth is that American Bald Eagles are doing quite well.  I guess it is true that there might just be mean spirited people in the world that would enjoy doing harm to an Eagle´s nest if they knew where it was.  But no people like that come to the Mount.

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