Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In all my posts about beginning to learn something about organic vegetable gardening  I forgot to acknowledge the help that Ben, one of my friends from the Maple Ridge Bruderhof community gave me.  Ben and Tim sent over one of their tractors and a good strong tiller and opened up the 30 by 20 foot plot that I now and preparing to grow vegetables.  The Bruderhof Community which came to the United States back when it was clear that Adolf Hitler believed very much in war which the Bruderhof do not.  And so their community went first to England, then to Paraguay and then finally back to England and to the United States.  They live a very hard working, God loving and service filled life.  Two of them, Eam and Janet work in creating a spirit of forgiveness, most especially in very turbulent schools in the Bronx, NY.  The picture here is of one of their community meals where all the families eat together.  (On Saturdays they also invite me and others from the area to join them in a joyous, song filled and prayerful meal.

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