Saturday, May 1, 2010


On Saturday, April 24th Joe, Gloria and myself did my SPRING MIGRATION AND A MORE INCLUSIVE WORLD day here at the Mount.  We must have walked at least three miles, although all I'd advertised was that...:"it would be an outdoors day".   We began next to our 200 year Oak Tree (more or less!) where we said the Morning Prayer of Praise.  Then we began to be like Adam in reverse.  By this I mean that we walked and tried to discover plants, trees, birds, insects and other creatures "by their proper names".   When we name someone or "any living thing" by their proper name we grow in respect for them and for all of creation.  I feel very sure that this is what the Genesis account of creation means to teach us with Adam getting the job  of naming all the animals, plants etc.  Adam learned to both RESPECT CREATION and to CONNECT TO CREATION.  Here are Joe and I next to our Purple Beech Tree which might just be 150 years old.

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