Friday, April 2, 2010


meone said to me recently, "Your site doesn't always have birds, and you call it THE HUDSON RIVER BIRDER.   Well, yes, that's true.  But I am also a Roman Catholic priest and when springtime comes, sure I am excited about the birds.  Like for instance today was such a beautiful Good Friday.  It is warm.  There more robins than ever.  Yesterday, besides the many Eastern Wood Pewees I've been seeing I also heard a number of Phoebes.  And today, if I am not mistaken, I saw some Tree Swallows flying over towards the Pell Farm.  So, yes, I am the Hudson River Birder.  But springtime is also the time when we Christians believe that, just as the birds return North each April we celebrate the return of Christ to life after the sad mistake of his being condemned to death.  So I would like to share this very well done animated video on Passover.  It is a Jewish celebration.  But it explains a lot of what Jesus himself a Jew was trying to explain as he celebrated that very same Passover with his twelve apostles who were also very good and religious Jews.  ENJOY!!!

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