Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, what a day yesterday was.  I have seen a few Tree Swallows swooping over our 412 acres.  The Juncos are clicking like crazy and seem to have their lighter spring coats.  I saw an interesting stand off yesterday with an immature Red Tailed "accompanied" on a branch below by two Fish Crows.  they just "waited" till it took off and tore at her up and down till she or he made it to the next "resting spot".  One of the adult eagles was flying out towards the river yesterday afternoon.  One tree in our area where Eagles have nested was hit bit lighting a year and a half ago.  But I am sure that they will find another "appropiate" and "safe" place.  Thank God that the "eagles are back".  It is not such an extraordinary sight anymore to see them on our river.
Song sparrows, Field sparrows, lots of cardinals and off course American Robins are enjoying this early spring as are we all.  The "Peter, Peter" of our local Tufted Timouses is with us too.  OH YES!!!! And this is a very content and excited OH YES for me.  I saw two beautiful  Eastern Meadowlarks yesterday on our unmown fields at Pells.  The truth is that, as much as a patient birder as I am the only time I have seen Eastern Meadowlarks was years ago down in Columbia SC with a great now deceased birder, Mr. Robin Carter.  They are truly large and beautiful birds.  It was my "Easter Gift".

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