Tuesday, March 16, 2010


On the Pell Farm which is the northern end of Mt. St. Alphonsus right down from the silo has existed since the 1700's what is known to us as "The Smith Cemetery".  Some of the names are also Terpenning which is also an old family here in Esopus.  There are twelve graves.  Some of the stones are quite small.  One with the name "Amanda" written on it, seems to have been a twelve  year old child of this family who I understand were workers for Robert Livingston Pell,  the original owner who sold it to us Redemptorists in about 1905.  Above you will find some views of the cemetery that I have taken.
VOLUNTEERS ANYBODY:  We would be very happy if some boy or girl scout troup were interested in helping us restore and maintain the Smith Cemetery.  Or anyone who would like to help us do it just contact me through this blog..

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