Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ROAR (Religious Organizations Along the River (Part 1)

I recently found out about ROAR. I have been here one year. I have created so far two workshops on loving and protecting the environment. But here is a group of religious groups who since 1996 have been trying not just to protect and care for our Hudson River environment. But as you will see they are committed to changing the way they live and use things so that, not just our Hudson River, but all of the earth stay healthy for the benefit of all whom God has allowed to live here. I am going to present the ROAR statement and their goals in three parts.

ROAR’s 7-Year Plan for ARC-UNDP

(part 1)

(The Alliance of Religious and Conservation with support from United Nations Development Programme)

Who is ROAR?
ROAR (Religious Organizations Along the River), initiated in 1996, is a network of religious Congregations and organizations with property in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Our mission statement follows:

As members of religious communities, conscious of our communion with the land we own in the Hudson River Bioregion, we believe:
• that we share kinship with all creation;
• that human beings and the natural world must go into the future as a single sacred community or both will perish
• and that the ecologically sound care of our lands is a God-given mission.

Impelled by these beliefs and recognizing a time imperative, we come together to:
• support one another in using our lands with an attitude of respect for the beauty and integrity of earth;
• collaborate with each other and learn together;
• address the interrelated issues of poverty, justice, and ecology in this bioregion.

Drawing from our community traditions and experience, as well as from the new cosmology, we will channel our mutual efforts into education, motivation and advocacy. Grounded in the movements of contemplation and action, we will seek to collaborate with others who share common concerns and values. (May 20, 1998) ---to be continued tomorrow

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