Friday, October 2, 2009


The last post I put had a YouTube video on Thomas Berry's ideas on how we need to have a "mutally enhancing relationship with all of Creation". This means, of course, our fellow human beings. But it includes all living things that God has placed here in our "mutual home" On Oct 24the which is a Saturday from 9am until 4 pm I invite those of you who can to come to my "Christ and Fall Migration" workshop. It costs only $35 and includes a fine lunch. In this workshop I will help us to understand our relationship to the universe and our planet earth so that we can understand what we can and need to do to connect with, reflect upon, respect and protect our home...EARTH. I invite you to see this other quite powerful video from YouTube which shows lots of both the benefits of protecting our Earth as well as the sad consequences of not doing this. Watch and reflect.

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