Monday, October 26, 2009


whI have been in a very elated mood since yesterday. One of the biggest reasons was that I finally was able to get a nice group of 6 persons together to give the workshop on the environment on which I have worked hard for the last half year. Joan, Kevin, Francisco, Ann, Nick and Dan (my very own brother!!) spent the day from 10am till 4pm contemplating the truly wonderful immensity of this universe and our planet. We used videos, my PowerPoints which represent "lots" of work, music on ecology and the planet and some good shared reflections on how to REFLECT....CONNECT....RESPECT and.....PROTECT our gift of "Mother Earth. I plan to offer the workshop again. And....I also plan to have a complete weekend workshop during which you can stay with us three nights on our Hudson River 400 acre land of THE MOUNT, get to know, touch, identify the trees, plants, animals and habitats we have besides praying together and reflecting on those tasks I just mentioned above. I am most grateful to my brother Dan and to his friend from Puerto Rico, Tato, (Francisco) who helped me "put up the planets" and the other "visuals that i had created. Below I share a very simple YouTube video on the environment.

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