Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hudson River Birder in Limerick-Ireland

After a six and a half night flight to Shannon Airport, my brothers John and Dan drove to our historic "Mission Parish" of St. Alphonsus in downtown Limerick. My Redemptorist "confreres" greeted us with great joy, humor and food. Then we walked the banks of the Shannon in Limerick. Later I saw "some" Irish birds: their Great Tit, their crow, swallows and, some others I have not "nailed down" yet. I have a picture of some of the great missionary Redemptorists' graves in our "rose lined" small cementery. The founder of Limerick was a missionary who, in the 1860 was named Jerome Buggenoms. Buggenoms, before he came to Ireland from the Caribbean to build this parish, had, at one time been the only representative of the Holy Father (The Pope) in all the Caribbean. His correspondence is a most valuable source of events from the 1860ties, most especially in what was then the Island of Hispaniola, now the Dominican Republic.

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