Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The disadvantage of being a birder here at The Mount is that our property from Highway 9 W to the River is about a half mile wide. The reason for this title, Jealous of Central Park is that my friends, Bob and Deb De Candido, Brian and others have been seeing these White Winged Crossbills for the last month "down there". But up here, scouring as I am our Conifers, and we do have many, I have yet to see one. We have "barrels" of Eastern Bluebirds. The Red Winged Blackbirds have been down on our marshes leading into the Acre Pond. We have many Downy Woopeckers as well as Red Bellied, Flickers and at least one Piliated Woodpecker that nests near the dock on the Hudson. So maybe I shouldn't be complaining. But I am! I don't know that the Central Park Owlers would consider it ethical. But I have this nice big flashlight. And I plan to check our conifer spots tonight around 10pm. If I "hear a hoot" that flashlight will light him/or her...up. Well, just for enough time for me to see them...

This is the first time in the ten years that I have been back from the Dominican Republic that I "am truly enjoying winter". I really am. Buying these snowshoes was the best investment in my winter health and good cheer I could have ever made. Many times I have seen our or an "other" Bald Eagle overhead or one of our local immature, maybe first year Red Tailed Hawk...right overhead. God bless winter...and the other three seasons that will follow.

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